Friday, July 22, 2011

My God is in control

There is nothing like a snuggled-up-puppy sigh to make the world all better.
This morning as I watch my big, strong son sleep near me on an air mattress with his doggy curled up beside him "taking care of him," I am so thankful.

Yesterday, he was in a car accident 1000 miles from home. He hydroplaned and flew through the air off an embankment and landed on the nose of his car. After regaining consciousness, in much confusion, he somehow drove to his residence and a few hours later he took two planes all the way home to his family to rest and recuperate.
The details of the accident are pretty frightening. He narrowly missed another car and a telephone pole and flew in the air 30 ft. according to a witness. He woke up with his foot on the gas pedal and his face bleeding on the steering wheel not sure how he got there.

After trials too numerous to count at his place in MS, he was feeling a bit defeated. This was the proverbial straw that did the camel in.

Sometimes, you just need to rest in the arms of those who love you most. So he is home for that very reason. We want to think we can do it all ourselves, but we weren't made that way.

Who knows what my day could have looked like yesterday had God not intervened!

Yup. His car is in rough shape. Yup. He is shaken. Yup. My God is in control.

I have watched him face trial after trial after trial while living down south. I've heard, "I'm fine" enough to last me a lifetime--and then some. He has drawn into His Father's arms after epic wrestling matches with Him. He has learned more about life and himself in eight months there than any nineteen year old I know.

Now, he needs to breathe and seek and be.

Have you watched birds at all? They collect and build nests and argue amongst themselves. They also fly. And doesn't it look like they enjoy it? They play in the currents in the air and soar and swoop effortlessly. If a bird senses danger, he no longer floats with the wind. He quickly turns and flies into it. That opposing air gives him height, sends him higher and faster.

A trial isn't really such a problem if we let it take us higher--closer to our Creator.

Why is life such a struggle sometimes? Challenges and trials, and let's face it, really unfair stuff can feel like they are drowning us sometimes.
Who is to blame? Can we turn it on God, and say if He was loving He wouldn't allow it? Well, a lot of folks do. But here's a bigger question: do we really think God owes us an explanation for why He's allowed us to suffer? Last I checked He is God. That means He sees a bigger picture than I ever could. That means that He has a plan and it's for my good.

Justin almost hit a deer twice last week and a dog. Three very close calls. In yesterday's accident if he had been in any other car than his (a former police car built like a tank), I don't believe he could have survived.
When I asked God what was going on, He simply said three words to me, "I protected him."
Enough said.

What kind of God do we serve? A loving One. Do we think God owes us an explanation of why He's allowed us to suffer? Do we think He must give us an accounting? We speak of God Almighty. And I will say to you what He said to Job: 'Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if thou hast understanding."
God never told Job why He let him suffer, but don't doubt that God is God and that He hears each word you utter, knows each thought. His plans may never be revealed to you fully, at least not in this life, but it's not yours to question. You must accept the sovereignty of God and trust in His goodness even when everything around you feels the opposite. He will bring glory to Himself through you if you let Him. And as our Creator, isn't that the greatest gift He can give?

So, today, I am grateful for the little things. A hug, a smile, a conversation, a doggy happier than I've ever seen to love a boy.
God is faithful. And He is in control.

"I'm not sure life is supposed to be easy. After a life of ease, one might be surprised to find God's there at all."*

*Excerpts from Whisper on the Wind by Maureen Lang

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